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TrailSeekers - Growing in Faith

Hello Trailseeker Boys and Girls,

This week we have a short video we would like you to watch called, “How Do I Grow My Faith?” Remember the seeds we brought to your house to plant? Well, I hope you did because growing your faith is very much like planting seeds.

Now that you have watched the video, what do you think? Will the plant grow strong if you forget about it after you planted the seeds? No. It will wither and die. Just as a plant needs care, so does our faith if we want it to grow.

So, how do we grow in our faith? It’s simple. Stay close to God, don’t ignore Him. Have a quiet time each day to pray, to listen so God can speak to you, and read your Bible. As it said in the video, “Your faith will grow not by chance, but by choice.” You must choose to stay close to God.

Have a wonderful week and check back on our Blog again next Thursday. We have something special planned for you!

God loves you and so do we,

Kathy, Greg, Monnie, and Zachary



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