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Hello TrailSeekers!

Updated: May 27, 2020

I hope you all are doing well. Are you tired of staying at home? I know we are! But remember, you must stay home and stay safe until the virus goes away.

Here are some things you can safely do:

  • Play outside in your own yard

  • Read a book (especially your Bible)

  • Do your school work your teacher gives you

  • Watch a movie

  • Play games

  • Draw a picture or some other craft projects

  • You can call someone you love and say something nice to them.

  • You can help your mother or father with chores at home, or plant a garden in your yard!

  • Each morning say the ‘Yo’, ‘Whoa’, and ‘Yes’ that you learned at camp.


You don’t need to worry about anything because God is watching over you

at all times.

When the virus goes away we will have fun together. We can look forward to that. Here are some pictures of TrailSeekers up in the mountains last summer.

Please call Greg, Kathy, Monnie, or Zachary if you need anything.



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