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Middle School Leadership - God Makes Miracles Happen

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

School will soon be out for the summer and it is time for your final exam! To pass the test you must tell us where this picture was taken. You have been there so you must be specific! Text the answer to either Greg at 509-307-1100 or Kathy at 509-308-1390, and remember to include your name in the text so we know who you are. We will let you know if you passed the final! In meantime think about the picture. What is it telling you?

Here are some things to think about:

  1. God makes miracles happen. In the picture you see a huge tree on top of a rock. Why doesn’t it fall over? Wouldn’t the wind blow it over? If I leaned on it would it fall off the rock?

  2. How does God make miracles happen in your life? Remember, miracles are things that could only happen with His intervention and they happen all the time. Are you smart enough to see them or are you blinded by the world?

  3. How can you make those around you see miracles in their lives? How can you be a part of the miracles that God makes happen in the lives of others?

  4. Can you be as steady as that tree on such a solid foundation as that rock? You need to hang on firmly to God, our rock, and rely on your spirit (the real you) to be steady (balanced) and know that God will see you through any storm in life! The miracle of the tree on the rock tells you for sure that God can make miracles happen in your life. He will hold on to you and keep you safe from anything!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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