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Middle School Leadership - Being Positive

Greetings Middle School Leadership!

Social distancing? Do you know what it means? Six feet apart? Let’s see how we can take the rules that are imposed upon us and turn them into something good!. How can we turn “social distancing” into a positive thing?

  1. NOTHING can ‘social distance’ you from God! He is always by your side (touching you) He will be your constant companion, never turning away from you.

  2. It makes us appreciate how important connections with people around us are….. How important relationships are.

  3. Distancing makes it possible for us to attend to other aspects of our lives like long-ignored connections with people far from us ---by letter, phone or social media. We can focus on projects that we have needed to get done – fixing your bike - cleaning your room - spending time with your pet.

No group gathering? Does this mean I can’t get together with the others in my leadership group?

How can we make some good come from this inability to gather with friends?

  1. Family is extremely important! Now is your chance to spend quality time with your parents or brothers and sisters. Care for them - assist them - grow closer than ever! Talk about important things in your life with members of your family.

  2. I will think about my friends more because I can’t be with them at this time. I will learn how important they are in my life!

No sports, movies, concerts - has my life come to a halt!

  1. I have learned how easily I can do without these things. They are not what brings meaning and purpose to my life. I will watch the video on YouTube “Trailseekers Middle School” to find out what will bring purpose to my life.

  2. Life is not about having fun - entertaining myself - my life has not come to a halt as long as someone is benefiting from knowing me!

Let’s wake up each morning and be grateful for the day ahead. Let’s think only of the “ positive”

and use our inner skills to make the day a new and wonderful adventure.

Greg, Kathy, and Zachary


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