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Middle School Leadership - Four Pillars

Updated: May 27, 2020

Let’s recall the four pillars of your leadership group: Respect! Responsibility! Compassion! Commitment!

During this stay at home time let’s apply each of these characteristics to our daily routine:


  1. All people in my family have feelings - I will place those feelings as most important

  2. I will do what my parents request

  3. I will call others to see how they are doing

  4. You add to this list


  1. I will do my school work as requested

  2. I will complete daily chores

  3. I will take care of my younger brothers and sisters


  1. I will call someone just to see how they are doing each day

  2. I will assist those in need

  3. I will pray for those suffering and in great need


  1. I will do all of the things mentioned above and more

  2. I will check the web page each week

  3. I will read my Bible and have a spiritual time each day

We are all hoping we can have our Middle School Camp on July 20! Check this web page each week for updates!

We miss you!

Greg, Kathy, and Zachary


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