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High School Leadership - How Can Something So Small Have Such An Enormous Impact?

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

So what does it take to cancel something as huge as the Orca Encampment, a camp that has thrived for 29 years? Perhaps a massive earthquake, a tsunami, war, an upheaval in society, or catastrophic volcano? No, it was stopped by a simple microscopic virus that started a chain reaction of events unlike anything you’ve seen in your lifetime.

What can we learn from this? Sometimes, things that are very small (like a virus) can have a huge and lasting impact on our lives and the directions we take as a society. When compared to this earth, which is massive in size with billions of people, you are proportionately the size of a virus! Like the microscopic virus was able to impact our camp, you can have a huge impact on this world! By following the principles of leadership, by having them ingrained in your brain and heart, you can touch the lives of so many in a wonderful way. This is God’s plan for your life! So, there will be no Orca Encampment this year, but that doesn’t have to stop you from doing what you know the camp does!


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