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High School Leadership - Wisdom

Greetings High Schoolers Leadership!

All events in our lives present a lesson for us to learn. We must exercise wisdom that leads us to a clear understanding of what it is that we should be gaining from what we are experiencing.

Maybe we can gain this wisdom together. Let’s begin this journey.....

WHAT!! No church??? What’s with this!! No church services where we worship together?

The worship of God happens within you more than in a building. You can have a very special church time at home with your family or alone in your room. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Bible and select a passage (verses) to read

  2. Pray for God to lead you in understanding of how this passage can be applied to your life

  3. Discuss the passage with your family. If alone, enter into deep thought about changes you are going to make in your life and positive productive actions you are going to take!

  4. Play some Christian music (it’s on YouTube) as you sit back and quietly meditate.

  5. Enter into prayer for others needs, your needs, the concerns of the world and our community and for God’s love to be felt by increasing numbers.

Now you have been to church!

WHAT? No school???

I didn’t think this would ever happen! Ask yourself, what is learning and where does it take place? Learning can take place wherever you are and whatever you are doing:

  1. Read a good book - (include the Bible on your reading list)

  2. Talk with someone older and wiser - someone who can provide you with information and new insights, but also WISDOM.

  3. Explore nature - find God’s presence in nature!

  4. Watch and evaluate what is going on around you!

  5. Don’t forget to do your online school assignments

Now you are learning a huge amount!

WHAT? No sports??? This is over the top!

You don’t need sports to get the exercise you need. Try this:

  1. A daily run or walk. Go as far as you can - increase a bit each week!

  2. Do that much needed yard work for a shut-in or your neighbor

  3. Do a mini workout each day - sit ups, deep knee bends, push ups etc.

  4. Remember, exercise your mind as well as your body!

Greg, Kathy, and Zachary


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