COVID-19 & TrailSeekers

The 2020 Orca Encampment has been cancelled due to the impact of the COVID-10 (Coronavirus) on our community. All TrailSeeker and Leadership meetings have been cancelled until further notice. Please keep us, the families, and our community in your prayers.


The TrailSeekers’ Directors have been monitoring the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in and around our community. We are committed to the safety and well being of the children, their families, and our volunteers. We have suspended all activites from March 16, 2020 onward in accordance to Washington State and the CDC’s guidelines. We encourage you to practice social distancing and avoid going out when at all possible.


On April 29, 2020, The Directors of the Orca Encampment received an email from the Washington State Parks indicating that the reservation of the 2020 Orca Encampment had been cancelled. It is with great sadness and feeling of loss that we pass this notice of cancellation along to all of the countless volunteers and supporters who have invested so much of their time and resources to make this amazing experience possible for 42 very special little boys. If you have any questions, they will gladly be received by Greg Nebeker, Kathy Owen, Zachary Lucke, or MaryLynn Merriman.


As we wait for the restrictions to be lifted and our state to open, we intend to host several TrailSeeker activities throughout the summer as permitted by the state and local public health officials. Please check back here for the status of our upcoming programs this fall.