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TrailSeekers  cares  for  children  and  their  families  in  a  relationship  of  consistency  and  continuity,  supporting  them  to  know  life  more  as  God  intended.
Orca Encampment

Each year, forty-two children become TrailSeekers. Their experience starts with the Orca Encampment; an incredible week near the Puget Sound for boys who have just completed Kindergarten, First or Second Grade. There, they are paired with a high school student. This is the beginning of a multi-faceted, multi-year relationship that builds a strong bond with these children in the context of their whole family.

Girl TrailSeekers

Trailseekers is not just for boys. Girls are rapidly becoming more and more involved. Identical to the boys program, the girls go on separate retreats and short stops as well as weekly meetings through out the school year.

Every Monday night during the school year, we meet for about an hour to reinforce the principles they've learned at camp. This includes fellowship, lessons, and even a snack is provided.


We have smaller short weekend trips known as short stops. Three days spent in the Cascade Mountains or on Orcas Island are highly concentrated with lessons while having fun in a beautiful area.

Short Stops

Middle school and high school kids are able to participate in our leadership program. This focuses on character building, moral development, and skills such as public speaking and critical thinking.

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